Plasma processing

Plasma Ion Nitride is a Controllable and flexible surface treatment, which can economically improve the performance of a variety of components.   Suitable for ferrous materials as well as stainless steels and inconel.

Nitrocarburising in plasma with subsequent oxidation treatment (PlasOx) influences work piece properties, specifically with regard to corrosion resistance, wear resistance and anti-frictional properties.   The oxidisation is controlled to avoid rusting and produce pure magnetite which is highly corrosion resistant.

Furnace and process data is accurately logged, saved, backed up and is available when needed.   As with some industry sectors, this can be decades later.   Process conformity certificates and furnace charts are also available as e-docs.

Our Plasma furnaces are manufactured by Rubig. Here is some of their info:

Download: Plasma Data Sheet

Download: Typical Results Sheet